Yesterday was a wonderful day off for me. I had the whole day to do what I wanted with G. We could have stayed home and watched TV or gone to the park or anything really. The day was ours.

As G has grown up I am realizing the importance of spending time with just G. Especially now that baby girl is on the way. Yes he is only 23 months old and yes I do see him twice a week while I work from home, but it’s not the same. I wanted to spend some time with G, just him and me.

He’s a little young for most things and I had some errands to run so I decided that yesterday would be a shopping day for us. Sure, that was more for me than it was him… but we could have fun right?

I didn’t rush the day, and I didn’t run from store to store. If I didn’t get everything done, so be it. We started the day off at Marshall’s perusing the isles. I found some adorable ice pop makers and then headed off to the toy section.

Monster Ice Pops

As I walked around G and I looked at the books, read a couple and played with some toys.  He was laughing and having a wonderful time.

Next I had to pick up some more fabric for G’s training undies. Joann Fabrics was another fun store for us. We tried on hats, laughed and picked out a new chair for G.


We ended our excitement with a trip to McDonald’s for some promised nuggets. G and I sat side by side.



We had such a blast. I really enjoyed the day with my little man. It was great to get some of the things done I needed to but it was more important that I made sure G had a good time. Errands will need to be run all the time, but having a special day with mommy is important even at this young age.