A friend of  mine was recently discussing an article he had read about the worth of Americans. Some of the numbers were really shocking. I couldn’t find the actual article, but this one has similar data.

This caused me to start to add up my net worth. Let’s just say that we are not average. As the conversation went on we started to talk about people in other parts of the country. My thought was that if someone had my job and my house etc in another part of the country, they would be worth less than they are here because everything here is more expensive.

But my friend said that if I were transported to say… Georgia, at this point I would probably already be able to be a stay at home mom and D’s salary would be enough for us.

So, I want to put this to the test. Based on where you live, in a two parent household, do you stay home? I could only make 8 answers maximum so I decided to combine the southeast and southwest.

Please feel free to answer the quiz below and if you wanted to you can embed this quiz on your site too. I’d really like to see how this pans out.