Sometimes I feel a bit like Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy. I come up with lots of crazy schemes that never seem to fully work out.

But, I think I have found 1 that is something I like to do, and I am able to accomplish it without too too much difficultly.

Here’s the story. Long before I was ever pregnant I found just THE most wonderful bracelet ever. I think it was actually for a christening, but I loved it. Every time I walked into Hallmark I would look at it and find reasons to talk myself out of buying it. The main problem was that it was a bracelet for an infant. I was clearly not an infant… and I didn’t have one in sight. So each and every time I ended up walking away from that beautiful bracelet.

Then finally when I was pregnant with G I went looking for that beautiful bracelet. And it was gone. Never to be seen again. I was seriously bummed. I have thought about that bracelet for a long time.

So years later I finally have a reason to learn to make that wonderful bracelet.

And here it is!


Now for the reason. My wonderful friend Jen got a call to adopt a baby!! I am so excited for her and I thought this would make a wonderful gift for her new bundle of joy.

I knew when she said she wanted to adopt that I wanted to make something special for this little one. And so I set to work figuring out how to make this special bracelet. The more I thought about it the more I knew this wasn’t the most perfect bracelet for her. I decided to make her a slightly different one.

This child will be loved, truly truly loved from all around. From God, Jen and Micah, friends and family. A baby covered by love.

And so I made this one.

DSC07100 copy

And a business was born. One I think I am good at.  Feel free to visit me over at I plan on having lots of beautiful little pieces there. So far I only have the two bracelets, but more are coming!!

  • Congratulations on the new Etsy shop!! I hope that everything goes well.

  • Amanda T

    They look great! 🙂 Wishing you lots of success! : )

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