Maine 2007 (120)a

This week has been so crazy. Just ridiculously exciting. I’m sorry I didn’t have any time to blog, but rest assured lots of info is on it’s way.

First big news… D got a JOB! We are insanely blessed. There are so many people who can’t find jobs, I can’t believe that this happened so quickly.  It’s not working from home, and it’s kind of far, but D is excited about the work, so it’s all worth it. Our only hurdle is try to get D some time to meet his new little girl who should be joining us soon.

And D’s new job gave me an excuse to go guilt free shopping. Because, well… let’s just face it, work from home clothes do not cut it in an office. It would have been nicer if the shopping was for me and not D, but hey, it was still something.

Second big news… I stood up for myself in a big way…. FINALLY! I can’t go into much detail, just know that I grew a pair and used them. Woohoo! Go me!

Third big news… we have painted all the bedrooms and the hallway upstairs (photos to come) and installed the fans.

Fourth big news… I am starting an etsy shop. More info on that to  come also.

Fifth big news… we finally purchased a whole house fan. Night time breezes here we come.

I can’t believe how insane this week has been. I think it’s vaguely possible that sunshine and moonbeams are shooting out of my head. But I’ll take it!