Commence operation potty training.
Training undies :)

So I tried to make training pants for G before we lost the potty training window of opportunity. Oops. But don’t worry a bribe of a jelly bean if you sit on the potty seems to work just fine.

In my quest for training pants I really liked the Blueberry brand, but they are very expensive and there is no way we could afford them. So I started to look for some that I could make myself. I came across a great DIY tutorial from Lemonwood Clock. It was definitely the type of project that an amateur like myself could accomplish and her instructions were great. I learned which direction to put the fabric and the amazingness of the zig zag stitch. The only thing missing was a pattern. I bought a pair of undies like she suggested and got to work. (By the way, training pants as a pattern do not work, it needs to be actual undies). I modified the tutorial a little by changing the cut and adding a layer of PUL for waterproofing.

Here is the pattern I used, feel free to use if you want. I suggest that you mock one up first as I am not a pattern maker. My son is somewhat slender 2 year old. He’s in the 40-50th percentile for height/weight.


The first pattern uses 11×17 for the first page and 8.5 x 11 for the second.  (click the image to print them)

The second pattern uses two 8.5 x 11 pages. (click the image to print them)

*All credit for this great idea goes to Lemonwood Clock.



  • I cannot tell you how excited I am to see 1. someone use and link something I’ve put out there, and 2. a living, breathing pattern for this! Thanks so much, and I’m going to link your pattern to my tutorial! 

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  • Ttsmyf

    Would you happen to have a picture tutorial of how you sewed yours with the PUL? I can’t find one anywhere… if you were to make another pair, that would be soooo nice 😉

    • Ttsmyf

      Oh, and how did they work? Do they leak?

  • Lostaspen

    I just finished a pair using your pattern, thanks so much!  I also used PUL and highly recommend basting it to the waterproof layer before sewing the undies together.

  • Jonahbug

    How much moisture do these hold? I am very interested in making these for my son who is 3. However he has no desire to be pottytrained right now. See he has down syndrome and sometimes it takes awhile for them. He is getting frustrated and embarrassed with being changed on the floor in a diaper and pull ups as too costly. This is perfect.

    • Hi, Sorry to reply so late. It all depends on which cloth diaper you buy to line the inside with. The ones that I used are fairly thin. They were a flannel prefold that was 2-4-2, meaning 2 layers on the outer, 4 in the middle. I wanted mine to be thinner though, so he would really feel wet. Mine will hold most pee, but does leak on a very big one. If you click on the Lemonwood Clock link above, you can see that she used a regular indian prefold 4-8-4, maybe, and that will be much more absorbant. Also the PUL I purchased at Joann fabric has the pattern already on it, so it does eliminate a layer and keeps them cute. I would recommend using an indian prefold if you need more absorption. Good luck and I would love to see how they come out!

      • Sunned16

        Thank you and Lemonwood Clock for sharing! What size of cloth diaper did you buy? I’ve seen a pattern where you make this diaper part but buying is sounds faster.

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  • Christianeluiz

    I printed your patterned but im new to sewing n im having trouble putting ti together, could u do a picture step by step? Thanks

  • Babycakesaz

    What type of fabricate you using for the sides and leg cuffs?

  • Bree

    Where did you get your 2-4-2 lining? I want to make these for my son who is potty trained during the day, but still has a hard time at night. I don’t think he goes very much, so I think thinner would be better for him. With the PUL and the thinner lining, you don’t think it would leak do you?

    Thank you for the pattern! I will be making these as soon as I can fine some lining!

  • Nicole Jemison

    I realllly feel like I need a tut using your pattern. I am having a huge issue understanding how to construct it…

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  • Liz

    I do not see any link to your patterns so I can print them off.