I still vividly remember the conversation with my friend Jen when she found out she was having a girl. I remember her talking about how important her husband’s role would be. The magnitude of importance that he would play in her daughter’s life forever changed my view of fathers in daughters lives.

A father is the earth bound tool of God in a daughter’s life. How she views men, relationships, and in part God in her life will be forever shaped by the example her father sets.

This is a huge pressure on a man. I know D feels this pressure, but I also know that he will look to God to guide him. Mistakes will be made, but I am confident that he will never stop trying to be the father God has created him to be.

I love the commercials that are encouraging men to be men and fathers. And now I have found probably my favorite blog post on how to be a father. It’s a wonderful, encouraging list of 50 things men should know about how to be a father of a daughter. Well a father in general. I encourage you to head over to From Dates to Diapers and Beyond! and read the post:

50 Rules for Dads of Daughters {by Michael Mitchell}

Truly an inspiring read.

  • I’m only on number 23 and my eyes are already welling up. I am so blessed to have a husband who is such a loving, fun, hands on dad to our children…and he is already teaching my 3 year old daughter to throw a baseball.  Thank you for sharing this.