So here I am 32 weeks pregnant… could blow at any minute really. And we have NO name. None. Nada. Zilch.

With G we had three choices at this point, and we knew we would not make a decision until he was born. But this time, we’ve got nothing. D flips daily on the name he likes, but never likes the one I do. And to be honest if he did come around and decide he liked the name I did, I’m not sure I could commit to it.  Naming a child is such a big responsibility. Some people don’t take it seriously, but it is. Courtesy of my friend Jen, I came across a great tutorial on how to name your baby. Hysterial, but still doesn’t help us.

Check it out.

Maybe Quathyryn? What do you think?

On a more serious note, I have figured out the difference in naming G and No.2. With G… we consulted God. What did He want G to be named. It was a constant conversation. And when we found the three top choices, we waited for direction on which one was right. This time… we have done it all on our own, well mostly. And so now I am giving it up to God. She will be His daughter first. Here’s hoping in the next few weeks we can find the right name for our little girl.

PS Thank goodness we never needed a girl name with G; we never did agree on one even then…

  • Aslippergirl

    That’s what we did with Jayden’s name. We originally wanted to name him Jacob (which is a wonderful Christian name) but we didn’t feel that that was what God wanted us to name him. We prayed and waited for God to give us his name. In the Bible, angels came down and told the parents what to name their children. So, a name is very important. And God cares very much what a child is named. And have no fear, He wants a specific name for this precious little girl.

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  • Hahaha! Just you wait is what I’d like to tell all the happy preggos in 2nd tri! Though, I am one of those myself at 21 weeks today…I have two other little ones so I know what’s coming and am enjoying every second of this trimester! Naming kids is HARD. We are having a boy, but the girl names we were contemplating are Hailey and Carys. We sought God with all our kids’ names. It makes it easier- takes the pressure off. Good luck!

  • Huh. That’s weird. I thought I was commenting on your latest post- I somehow mashed them together? I’m sure I did something wrong- pregnancy brain, right here.