In short. No.

I remember when the doctor told me it was time to have G. I was 2 days overdue… knew it was coming… and mentally shutdown for a few minutes. I was literally filled with terror. I was NOT NOT NOT ready. But I was. And in the end it all worked out wonderfully. Healthy mom, healthy baby and forever changed heart.

So hear we are in the final two weeks waiting for this new little girl. I am 37 weeks along and… not ready. I thought maybe I was ready, but recent events had us thinking that “today” might be the day, well a couple of todays. And at each one I was terrified, not just on the circumstances, but that I would have another infant. Be a family of four. Not get anymore sleep. Have to be a good mom to 2 instead of 1. Etc Etc Etc. And so, no… I’m not ready.

But I am excited. I am ready. I think back to the moment I saw my little boy. The elation, and the instant growth in the size of my heart.


I am ready to spend my life trying to be the best mom I can be.

  • Congratulations sweetie. Hugs!

  • Ah! I’m feeling all those same things too! I am 6 weeks behind you about to be a family of 4 too. 🙂 Hang in there and congratulations!!

    • Oooh so fun for you. Congrats. We just had our little girl and she’s amazing. The fears are melting away.