Ugh, this being pregnant thing is tough. While I do love it there are just some days that I’d like to pass on. Yesterday was one of those days.

You would think because I already have one child that I am well versed in this labor/braxton hicks thing… but you would be wrong. With G I only had a handful of contractions before things went sideways. So this is all new to me. For the last 2 months (since the hurricane) I have been having tons of contractions. But they are the fake ones that do nothing and go nowhere. So fine, I’m good with that. Then at 36 weeks I had some odd bleeding going on, and was close to a csection. But I prevailed.

So here I am at 38 weeks, only 4 days from my csection. And I swear I was in labor. I had back pain ALL. DAY. and then actual distinct contractions last night. But no, they went no where.

Not to mention I was up with useless cramping all night long… this is all so confusing. I mean, clearly, I was not in labor or we would have a new nameless little girl right now. 4 Days people. 4 Days. I can’t wait. I am exhausted, terrified, exicited, did I say terrified? This whole pregnancy has been NOTHING like it was with G. They are complete polar opposites.

So here’s to making it 4 days. I think D would appreciate the extra couple of days.

Also on a side note, I do need to update on the progress of our addition. I will I promise.

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