Yay for October! I love Halloween. I love dressing up and getting candy, who doesn’t love that? My good friend Jamy has a party almost every year and with it comes the need to make some fun, creepy or just plain awesome food. I’m not really sure what I will do this year, but I wanted to share some past fun foods.

Rat Meatballs

The original idea came from here. However when I made mine, I just made meatballs, and used dry spaghetti for the whiskers, semi cooked spaghetti for the tail, peppercorns on the face and carrot slices for the ears. They were a lot of fun and came out great.

A photo by The Saffos

A photo by The Saffos

A photo by The Saffos

A photo by The Saffos

Creepy Face Punch

I’m sure there is a name for this, but I don’t know what it is. I originally saw this on Martha Stewart and have waited years to try it out. It was so awesome.

You take a plain mask, tape off the eyes and make ice in it, then you do the same with rubber gloves. When you pop out the ice, you float them in the punch. It’s supposed to be one face and two hands, but my bowl wasn’t big enough.

Death punch

Happy Halloween!

  • Those meatballs look SO COOL!!!!!  What a fantastic idea!  CAn’t wait to try them!  I am your newest follower!

    • The meatballs were great. Some people make a dinner and put them over pasta with red sauce too 🙂

  • Jamystenger

    Now you have even MORE time to creative come up with some fun Halloween-inspired dishes, since Mother Nature put the smackdown on my party Saturday.  Hopefully you can come on the 5th!  Would love a chance to see Baby Girl G again 🙂

  • I lke this food.Keep it up.