hyundai elantra

Image by David Watson via Flickr

As you know D has a new job that is quite far away. Considering this and the sheer awfulness of D’s car, we bought a new Hyundai Elantra. A pretty one with lots of bells and whistles (unlike my Elantra which is still running strong and has no bells or whistles). D’s car is pretty awesome I must admit, and so we take it on all of our outings.

Last week we were going to a baptism, and so we all hopped in the car (only 30 min late – a personal best for this new family of 4) and headed out to the baptism. For those of you that have or ever have had newborns, you know that they need to eat every 3 hours… which meant feeding Little Sister  in between the baptism and the luncheon afterwards. And this also mean changing her…

In the past with Big Brother I was a pro at changing diapers in a car, I can still pull it off now if I absolutely have to. So, I fed Little Sister in the front seat and since she is still so tiny I opted to change her on my lap. (BIG MISTAKE)

Apparently some children can projectile poop, we’re talking super soaker style pooping… Big Brother NEVER did this. But Little Sister is talented and can shoot a few feet away, no lie! Now I knew this, and I knew to be careful, and to change the diapers over quickly making sure there was no breech in security so to speak. But I completely underestimated the force of this projectile poop.  Here I am in the car, changing a diaper… I have the new one in place but not attached yet and BAM! I hear a loud scary noise and poop shoots ACROSS THE CAR, knocking over the in place diaper on its way past. My mature and calm reaction is to scream and freeze in terror as the poop whizzes by. D’s response was shock at A) the poop all over his car B) my response or lack there of and C) poop all over his car.

We used every wipe we had to clean the car, my jeans and just put my sweater into a baggie for later cleaning… It was not one of my finest mothering moments, but looking back now it sure was hilarious.

  • Julie R

    O my! O my! This is horrible and hysterical all at the same time! Sorry D’s car got an unconventional christening!