We’re all aware of the major milestones in your newborn’s life. You’ve got a first smile, first tooth, first steps, words, etc. But what about all those little  milestons? The ones that build up and prepare them for the major milestones.

Personally, I find the mini milestones to be so much more fun. They then they ate the everyday ones that must people think you are droning on when you talk about them. Unless of course, you are talking to people who are very close to your kids, then they care just add much.

I still vividly remember the first tine Big Brother grabbed for something on purpose. And were lucky to have it on video.

With Little Sister, D had been working away from home more often than being here. So this tone I kept watching hoping that she would make her first grab while he was home to see it.

God knew just how important it was to me that D get to see this firsthand, and sure enough out was a Saturday when D was right there.


Which of the mini milestones is your favorite?