Modge-Podge Shoes

I take no credit for the genius of this idea, See Kate Sew has the whole tutorial. She is a genius at making cute shoes, especially from old ones.

I made three variations of shoes this year (and I am making 1 more of the dictionary shoes for a friend.)

This is the before shoe. $9 at Walmart.


This is after applying some stickers I bought at the craft store. I tried to find Gerbera Daisies, but these were the closest.


This is the before/after of the dictionary shoes.


After of the daisies and dictionary shoes.


And when D’s grandmother saw the dictionary shoes, she liked them so much that I made her a pair of snow flake ones!



Again I apologize for the photos I was lazy and used my cell phone.

Think of all the possibilities of shoes you can make!

  • Anonymous

    omg what a GREAT idea!! 

  • Anonymous

    I pinned this and I honestly haven’t stopped getting e-mails about it being re-pinned so I pray you’re getting the pvs !

  • Megan Benson

    Great job.  I just pinned it too!