This week had taken quite a toll. Last day at the old daycare, first day at the new daycare, a temporarily lost family… We are completely emotionally drained.

Big Bother’s last day at the daycare was Monday. I was fine until I read his daily report card. “Last tea party with his  friends” and “We hope he has a good time at his new daycare.” It was so tough to read. So final.

Tuesday I drove all over to get the kids registered in the new school. The woman at the front desk walked me around to make sure I knew all the stuff I had to bring on Thursday. She was less than friendly and treated me like I was am idiot. I already had reservations about the new school and this just pushed me too far. I left the school in tears. (Thankfully everyone else I meet has been great, and I found out that she is only payroll and wouldn’t be near my kids.)

I called D to tell him I was on my way home, but when I got there the front door was wide open, D and Big Brother were gone and Little Sister was up on her room… Aliens had abducted my family… Well not really, apparently they were in the back yard. I was so relieved when I found them, that my trip to the daycare was gone.

Wednesday brought Little Sister’s last day of school. With that brought a tearful hug from the 76 year old teacher and watching the pregnant director break down in tears when the day was over…need I say more?

Thursday had me waiting for paperwork from the Dr. to see if Big Brother could start at the school that day, only to find out that he had to wait. The day was not wasted, Big Brother and I had a great lunch together before stopping by the school and dropping off all his stuff.

Friday was like any other Friday, Saturday and Sunday brought tons of housework, a late night with friends making burp clothes and… as shown by the photo above… Utter exhaustion!