We have found ourselves speechless at the things Big Brother says more and more lately…

Two weeks ago, we overheard Big Brother running around in his playroom with his butterfly net saying ” I cut you!” over and over. What? Turns out he “got” him.

While D was changing Big Brother he was very interested in what was going on down below. This usually means he wants to help with the wipes or find his friend… but this time he found something all together new… “Daddy, I found HOLE!” Poor D.

When Big Brother visits Papa’s house he has heard on occasion that Papa has too much junk, or needs to get rid of some junk. And so in turn Big Brother also has junk. A couple of days ago Big Brother ran into the room and said “Hey Dad, wanna see my junk?” Um…Sure?

Apparently having a little boy is much different than a little girl. Usually when I have stories to tell at work the women who have little girls laugh along side, but then inform me that they never had that happen. C’est la vie. Bring on the little boy!