We are parents. We are Christian parents. And with that comes responsibility.

We believe that Christ is our Saviour. Christ gave his life for our sins and God has called us to repent, accept His free gift and tell others of this good news. Seems simple. Yet it isn’t. It is a hard life to walk against the majority secular culture. Temptation is everywhere.

As parents we are called to guide our children. Show them the love of Christ and teach them that they are loved more than they could ever know by their heavenly Father. We are called to help them know this. To really know this.

I know so many “Christians” that we’re raised Christian. They can answer all the questions, they know the verses and how to act. But where does their heart lie? I also know the ones that found Christ, that found their own faith.

I am not one of those Christians. I have a clear point in my life where I found Christ. I also have a clear (well muddy) past where I didn’t know Christ. I know the change He made in me. I saw Christ in my life and the world.

But now I’m in an all together different position. I want my children to know Christ. I want them to see Him in their lives. But I don’t want it to be an act. The best way I know how to do this is to live my faith, everyday. I hope with that and prayer it will be enough.

How are you handling teaching your children the important things in life?