We have just returned from vacationing with our friends. It was a lovely time. It’s always tough when you try to get two completely differ families together but I think we pulled it off. I learned a few things along the way. The most important lesson I learned was how to be comfortable with Little Sister’s allergies. Big Brother’s agree regimes (gone! Got the all clear) were much easier to navigate. But on this trip we were surrounded by people with allergies. We weren’t alone. I didn’t
Feel like the weird one who had to check everything because we were among friends both literally and figuratively.
In our little group we had two people allergic to dairy and gluten and then Little Sister who is allergic to dairy, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts. I wasn’t looked at weirdly when I took the care to wipe down the baby high chair. No one acted as though I were overreacting. It was nice, and comfortable. I didn’t feel Ike an incontinence.
But, the bigger lesson was that I realized I was feeling inconvenient before this. I did feel uncomfortable and tried so carefully not to tread on anyone’s toes. But now I have the confidence to say what needs to be said, and put our little girl’s needs before worrying about bothering the waitress.
I never would have guessed that this would be the big lesson I would learn after a week in Virginia.

Have you been on vacation with another family?