After finishing the upstairs we took a couple months off.

But now, we’re back to working on our house until all hours of the night. It’s tiring work, but the benefits are worth it.

Yesterday was an insanely productive day in our house. We cleaned the front porch (prepping it for stain), cleared our the toy room, ripped up the carpet, pulled all the tacks, took up the hall tile, painted the first two coats of paint on the bathroom vanity, made a trip to Home Depot, sold our old wardrobe, and finished off the night with a game of Settlers of Catan. Yes, that was really one giant sentence, but yesterday was one giant day.

Our big push for finishing the downstairs is to have Little Sister’s 1st birthday at our own home. Parties are tough when your living room only holds 7 people and uncomfortably at that. That leaves us approximately 2 weeks.

Go team!