Normally, I look forward to Black Friday, well online. I don’t like to leave my house at all on the day after Thanksgiving. I’m not a fan of the crowds and the awfulness that the day brings out in people. But lately, it’s just somehow gotten even worse. The commercialism has really gotten to me. It’s always been there, but I never quite noticed it. I liked the exhilaration of getting the bargain (while in my pjs). But now, I can’t bring myself to support it much more. Stores are even starting to open on Thanksgiving. It just ruins the point of the day. Be thankful for what you have and in my book that means (first and foremost) your family.

Family is precious, ever changing and can disappear at a moments notice. I don’t want to miss anything. Yes, I’ve learned to let go of some things. Like snapping photos of every moment. But holidays are “The” days to spend time with your loved ones. I can’t and I won’t let it be taken from me.

If you look all around there are plenty of Boycott Black Friday and Black Friday Blackout groups but most of them are trying to take back our economics and trying to fight “The Man.” I just want my family and my time with them. I don’t want to lose what we have to a world of materialism. It’s a constant struggle and temptation, but everyday I am growing closer and closer to the family I want to be. I have less than a week to avoid the Black Friday madness and try to keep my sanity.

Black Friday just isn’t for me anymore.

  • Laura

    I 100% agree with you! I live by Omaha, Nebraska and police were called to a mall as two women fist fought over an item, throwing trash cans at each other! They should be ashamed of themselves, but I doubt they are. Today’s society really makes me sad sometimes.

    • Momroad

      It is truly sad that this happens just one day after we all celebrate being thankful for what we have. If enough of us wake up to what’s really going on we won’t be one lone voice in the crowd and can show the next generation what’s important.