What to do with my hair? That’s an everyday question for me. I have had curly hair my entire life. Well, that is until after my second child. Apparently it is completely possible that your hair can transform into a totally different style. And it’s happened to me. It took me decades to learn to style my curly hair, and now it’s gone! I now have this wavy to straight, yet still frizzy hair. Ugh!

I miss my curls. I really do. After all that straightening, I miss them. I have tried dozens of hair care products. Natural no silicones, clarifying, even anti dandruff and nothing seems to be helping. While I know that my hair is different now, I also know that some hair products are just making it worse. The really moisturizing ones make my hair lanky and greasy, so that’s definitely out. I think I need a change in my hair care routine. While premium brands don’t mean that it will be a better product, I think that I’ve exhausted all of my supermarket brands.

This was my hair before (pink shirt). Bouncy, fun, alive.

Now it’s just lifeless.

(apparently I have no photos of my hair down, so please excuse the kissy face)

Fekkai hair care was created by Frederic Fekkai, a world-renowned hair stylist. All of the Fekkai hair care products are separated into “families” like Advanced Care, Color Care, Curl Care Glossing, Repair, Styling, Styling and Styling tools.  I love when companies have a line out just for curly hair care. Fekkai hasn’t missed that mark and has a line just for curls. That gives me hope. I’m really at my wit’s end and need to try something different.

Now I know that hair was done by professionals and isn’t super realistic. But, even if I came close to that it would be so awesome.

The Fekkai Elegant Curls line has simplistic instructions on how to get this hair. I really want to try this out for a month or so and see if it makes a difference. The Coiff line of products has a slogan “Texture, hold, mold, and more.” And trust me, I could use the “more” they are talking about.


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Happy Holidays!