In Crystal’s post about the witching hour, she mentioned the Dance Party. We have discovered this to be a useful tool in our house. Quick! Put on a song and dance around like a loon so we can all pretend we’re happy even though we’re barely keeping it together!

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share with you our favorite songs to boogie down to.

1. We Found Love – Army of Three

I like this version because it’s all done with Ingrid Michaelson’s voice or clapping. I find that impressive. Levi has loved this song for months. He starts to be-bop from the very first “Doo doo doo.”

2. Ho Hey – The Lumineers

Driving home from church one Sunday, I was trying to keep Levi awake. This song came on the radio and with every “Ho! Hey!” I pointed at or tickled him. He loved it. Now, he asks for this song by name. It is rather adorable. Sometimes we don’t dance. Sometimes he just comes and curls up in my lap and we snuggle and watch the video.

3. Popcorn – Barenaked Ladies

This video is lame but the song is awesome. I started using this one a while ago. I would put Levi on my lap and “pop” him around. Or we’d jump up and down for a while. Well, I’d hold him and jump around. That’s exhausting and I wouldn’t recommend it. But I would recommend this entire CD called Snacktime. It’s adorable, and if you went through your teenage years listening to the Barenaked Ladies like I did, you’ll enjoy it.

4. It’s Time – Imagine Dragons

This one is great – lots of clapping and stomping and general awesomeness.

5. Theme song from Parks and Recreation

I won’t lie – this show is one of our favorites and often on in our house. Judge all you want, Judgey Pants. We started watching it when we were in Tulsa picking Levi up from the hospital and it’s been a favorite since. He loves the theme song. Like, screams with glee and dances like a lunatic when the music starts. It’s a short-lived dance party, but it’s wild 🙂

So, there you have it! Our favorite songs to boogie down to. What are some of the favorites in your house?