In every family a little jealousy must come. Sibling jealousy to be specific.

One of the ways that we try to combat this jealousy is to have kid date night. This is a night where mom and dad take Big Brother out all by himself. (We’ll do this with Little Sister also when she gets a little older). Sometimes the date is something simple like a trip to the library and other times it’s more involved. Yesterday’s date night was one of the more involved ones. Big Brother hasn’t had alone time on quite a while so we made this one a bigger deal. We took Big Brother out for hibachi.

Let me tell you, hibachi with an almost 4 year old is a great idea. He was so mesmerized by the chef and the fire. It was great. He tried to catch the food in his mouth and even let the guy squirt the “baby sake” in his mouth. There was an indoor koi pond and they let Big Brother feed the fish and we even went out for ice cream after. It was a great date night.
If you’re noticing some extra sibling jealousy I highly recommend some personalized attention. It has really kept our little family close and somewhat peaceful.