Chances are, if you’re a new mom (or really just the mom of anyone who isn’t a teenager), you’ve heard these words: “Enjoy every minute! It goes by so fast!” Whenever anyone says this to me, I get a slight sense of panic. Although I am enjoying my boy’s little years, I know that there is so much happening that I’m forgetting. In attempts to remember the little wonderful things, I’ve tried a couple different things. I keep a journal for him that I frequently forget to write in. I started it before he was born and still keep it. But I’ve never been a faithful journal writer. I have at this moment in my house probably six journals that I’ve started and not finished. The journal is not a sustainable remembrance keeper for me.

I’ve moved on to something new. A jar.


 I got the idea somewhere on Pinterest. I think it was meant to keep little notes of thankfulness to read back through on New Year’s Eve and remember the things you were thankful for. I decided to take it in a little different direction by grabbing little things from places we go, writing notes, etc. to remember things we do together throughout the year.


For example, here is a note from January telling how we saw that Levi “got” Blue’s Clues for the first time. He made the sign Steve makes for “Put it in your notebook!” Not a huge deal, but it was a joyful moment and I wanted to remember it.

As you can see, it’s pretty empty for it already being mid-March. But, I think this is the best chance I have. I don’t want to forget all the little things that makes these days so special (even if they are also insane). I know I can’t really enjoy every minute (as many advise), but I know I want to remember the moments I do enjoy.

What do you do to remember memorable things?


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