Today is my due date.


Give me a second… I have to let that sink in.

Sweet Hosanna those “40 weeks” went by fast.

I’ll be honest: It feels a bit like I’ve strapped myself into a roller coaster and they’re hauling the cars up that first giant hill and I’m experiencing that split second thought of “wait – I changed my mind!  I want to watch from the safety of the ground and laugh at the people screaming their heads off as they hurtle mercilessly around bends at breakneck speed, all while I munch on my cotton candy and thank my lucky stars I didn’t buy a ticket!”

Too late.


I’m at the top now, looking down at that first BIG drop.  I’m in that moment, the one right before they release the cars and they take off like a shot, whipping up and down hills and around corners.  And it’s exciting and terrifying at the same time.

There is no backing out now.  I’m already at the peak and they won’t stop the ride because I’m having second thoughts.  I had the big, long wait line to back out.  Once they lowered the bar on my car, I was committed.

I said I was ready.  I said I was brave enough.  I said I could handle it.  The ups, the downs, the loop-d-loops, the speed…

I hope I was right.

This is it.  Time to put my hands up and let gravity take over – that’s the only way it’s fun, right?  Give in, get ready, hang on, here we GO!