On my quest for the organized house I decided to tackle the toy room. It was quite a job.

First, I went through all the toys and to get rid of the ones our children had outgrown. We donated to goodwill, the daycare etc. This was a fantastic opportunity to teach Big Brother about giving things away and moderation. Initially he wanted to give away Little Sister’s toys, but in the end he helped make the decisions about what should go, why and to who.

Next it was time to organize.

I grouped the toys together into bins that made sense. I tried to keep like toys together.
We bought an organizer shelf from target and some new boxes as well as ones we had already.

The hard part is keeping the bins organized. To help the littles know where to put the toys I made labels with photos and words. This way they can help keep organized also.

PS I have a free printable for you! (see below)

toy organization


The labels are luggage tags. The ones I used require a laminator and can be bought here.

Free Printable labels 🙂

You can edit this in word to add your own toys to it. To add images, I used Google image search and chose the ones with a white background.



Click here to download the printable template.