Eating out with kids can be tough. When we had one it was easy. We were able to focus on just the one child and all was well. Now with two, plus talking with each other it has become a bit more difficult. If you find yourself wanting to go out to eat with small children and actually talk to your husband, here are some tips for you.

1. Bring toys. Small toys for each child (not to share). Make sure these are quiet and easy to keep track of. Not having to share is quite important as even the most well behaved children will still have their moments when they both want the same toy.

Little Sister likes to create havoc where she goes, so her toy set is just 3-4 items. This particular day was a Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Jesse and slice of fabric bologna.


Big Brother can bring his army men. He’s a bit more responsible about not losing, throwing or otherwise creating havoc with his toys so he was allowed a bigger set.


2. For the littler ones that can use a straw cup, do not want to use their sippy cup and are shorter – cut the straw. This will let them use the cup with less chance of it spilling.

Use a butter knife to cut the straw by folding it over the knife and pulling down on the straw. Make sure to put the jagged side of the straw down into the cup.





3. Remember a bib… we are terrible at this.

4. Buy a pack of disposable placemats for the smaller child that may knock over (or throw) real plates.


These are a worthwhile purchase, and stick to the table.

Hope these tips help you to have a nicer dinner out.

Do you have any more tips that would help to have a pleasant dinner while out with the littles?