How to keep your toddler from climbing out of the crib

I know I’ve been absent for a long time, I’m sorry about that. I’ve really been focusing on my jewelry lately and my little corner of the internet has suffered.

But, I’ve come back for a really good reason. I keep seeing posts in the various groups I belong to about toddlers climbing out of their cribs and moms at their wits end. Sometimes you can move them to a big bed, but sometimes that’s not ideal. Space issues, room sharing, scheduling, etc etc might keep them wanting  a child in a crib rather than a big bed. A few  years ago crib tents were an option but they have since been recalled. So where does that leave all these moms?

Well, I stumbled upon a great solution simply by accident. (I wish I could take genius credit for this, but sadly, no) Before Little Sister was ready for potty training she kept taking off her clothes and diapers in her crib, and then accidents would happen with the occasional decorating moments. It was a rough few weeks. Ok, AWFUL few weeks. I dreamed up many ways to keep her from making messes, but eventually I stumbled upon one that worked. Wait for it… (the simplicity is going to get you)…

Backwards. Sleep. Sack.

That’s it.

backwards sleep sack

When Little Sister figured out she could lift her leg up to climb out of her crib, that same sleep sack that kept her crib clean originally also kept her in her crib. The sleep sack prevented her from lifting her leg high enough to get over the railing. YAY!

At around $25 and going up to a size 5T (including feetie holes) this makes for an easy and inexpensive solution to a common parenting problem.