I am a photography loving, photoshop tweaking, techie junkie. I have been married to the love of my life for 8 years. I have an almost 3 year old son and an 8 month old daughter. Together, they keep me pretty busy. I am a born problem solver. I love to find new ways to do things, and start projects. Although I love to solve  problems, I am terrible at finishing them. In comes D.

D is my sweetie. We met in 2000 at church, and wanted nothing to do with each other, seriously! 1 year later we “re-met” and went to Panama  together for 10 days of missions, and our lives were forever changed. He is my counterpart in all, we compliment each other (which is code for  we are total opposites). This makes for quite a marriage. He is my sandpaper and I love him with all my heart. D is hardworking, honest and great  guy to know. D is terrible at starting projects, but he’s fantastic at finishing them. Together we make a  great, chaotic team. D and I are like fire and water, we disagree on everything…but we are good at that now.

Big Brother is my little ball of energy. He loves to laugh, giggle and wiggle. In general, he doesn’t stop  moving and I love every bit of him! He is truly the child God chose for me.

Little Sister is the chubby cheeked sweetheart that God knew we needed. She’s so much like her big brother and so completely different.

Welcome to the craziness of my  life…