Hi! I’m Crystal. Wife to a creative, playful, deep thinking art director and mom of two little ladies. I’m also an art therapist by trade and avocation… a passion which informs much of who I am and how I choose to be (a wife, mother and everything in between). I am extremely passionate about utilizing creativity in every aspect of my life, being crafty,  intentional living, connection parenting, eating locally and organic, montessori learning, possibly unschooling (still learning about this one) and attempting to grow virtuous fruits via being nice to my kid and maybe taking off my Eyore pants every morning. I love cosleeping, breastfeeding, babywearing, and basically every other style of parenting that gets me maximum amount of child snuggles daily. Oh, and rollercoasters. When I die, my heaven will be full of rollercoasters and I will ride them until I puke up butterflies and rainbows (it’s MY heaven people. It can be what I want.)

On this blog, I’ll probably write a bit about this and a bit about that. I’m no expert in anything, but have been decently educated in art as a tool for communication, child development and the psychology of relationships. Hopefully I can use my knowledge to promote my genuinely empathic belief that being a parent is dang hard. Sometimes getting through a day, covered in poop and 10 curse words later, is success enough in itself.