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Hi, my name’s Jamy (as in Amy with a J).  I know it’s weird, but after 30 years, somehow it fits.

I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, surrounded by more trees, cows and corn than people.  My grandparents are honest-to-goodness Mennonites, my parents proud Methodists, and I’ve landed somewhere in the undefinable realm of a non-denominational Christian.

Growing up surrounded by sticks and hicks (I mean that in the most affectionate way), I was a small fish in a small pond of about 6,000 strong.  I was always active (which is amazing considering how little there is to do in a town of 6,000) and found myself engaged in sports, music, church, and the occasional school play.  Still, by the time senior year rolled around, I was ready for a more exciting scene.  I always told myself I would break out of the mold of my little hometown and be involved in something bigger.  I was going to go places.  My dream: the FBI.

So I trotted myself off to an even smaller town in an even more rural part of Pennsylvania to a private Christian college of 2,500 students called Messiah College.  Still, I managed to see the world through a cross-cultural to Greece for 3 months, and I met my future husband who would take me places I never dreamed of in my life.  I graduated with a degree in Sociology, my concentration in Criminal Justice, and a minor in Pre-Law.  I had set myself up on the path to my dreams.

A year after graduating college, I married my best friend in 2005 at the ripe old age of 23.  He was 22.  We are two sides of the same coin: perfectly matched opposites who ground and lift each other simultaneously.  We moved to Virginia in a town just outside of D.C., and set off on our new life together.  His job meant a lot of travel, and I got lonely.  It was inevitable I would find someone new to cuddle with on those cold, lonely nights.

Charlie (our cat and my faithful although sometimes outspoken companion) came on the scene shortly before our 1 year anniversary.

After 2 years of missing each other in the night, we decided it was time to move to a more stable job and somewhere where we would have family and friends close by.  In June 2007 we moved north to Ken’s home state of Connecticut and bought a little Cape on a cul-de-sac to call our own.  It’s been quite the acclimation to Connecticut living, but it finally feels like home.

I’ve given up my dream of the FBI and all things law related for a career more suited to my strengths: helping to keep busy executives organized, on track and mostly, on time.  Ken’s immersed himself in the land of finance, earning his MBA in 3 years while working full time.  Now he’s putting that MBA to good use with an exciting new career as an Assistant VP at an investment advisory firm while still working on that goal of becoming a PGA professional.  Good thing I have Charlie to keep me company.

After 7 years of marriage, we decided it was time to embark on the adventure known as “parenthood.”  Much to my surprise, shock, and delight, getting pregnant was actually the easy (and let’s be honest – FUN) part.  Now expecting our first baby at the end of April 2013 – a little boy we affectionately refer to as Pele due to his endless kicks – we are immersed in all things baby-related and trying to prepare ourselves to have our world turned upside down.

Becoming parents is by far one of the scariest and most exciting adventures we’ve ever embarked on, and we’re just in the beginning chapters.  I can’t wait to see how this story line plays out.